Organize your own activity

Group of friends: Be remembered for organising the best adventure activity ever. We offer challenging and adventurous outdoor activities. If you want to organise an activity for you and your friends we will take you where and when you want to enjoy an adventure with us. Our packages offer an excellent opportunity to get together and spend some quality time with friends and family. Transport is also available. Minimum of 6 participants.

Students: We offer activities for students of any age range, and ensure quality educational benefits, combined with the highest levels of safety and security. We provide lessons on the Nature and geological origin of the Canary Islands during our activities. The children will enjoy while they learn. Do not hesitate to contact with us for information.

Travel Agencies: We organise activities for tour operators, companies, independent travellers, groups, etc. we can help you organize the active holiday your clients are looking for.

If you are you looking for an easy organisational option at value for money prices but still need a memorable event where everyone can enjoy themselves - well look no further! We'll arrange everything for you.



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